School Presentation

Our art school is Liceo Artistico “Osvaldo Licini”. Its activity plan is focused on the study of art subjects and artistic workshop practice.

Our students’ curriculum is based on core subjects such as Italian, History, Geography, Mathematics, Science, P.E., Religion, English, Philosophy and specific art disciplines characterizing the following departments:

1 Architecture and Environment

2 Graphics

3 Fine Arts

4 Multimedia

Our school curriculum is arranged into

A First Biennio ( 1st and 2nd school years)

A Second Biennio (3rd and 4th school years)

A  last Monoennio (5th year)

Our school’s special projects include:  Erasmus + international partnerships, meetings with contemporary fiction writers, Autocad training courses, cultural mini-stays in Finland, Smart school magazine, creativity events run by students, training experiences in local companies and organizations, peer to peer activities, school trips, support and enhancement classes, special educational needs projects.

Architecture and Environment

At the end of their learning process, our students will master basic functional and aesthetic elements of architecture. They will develop an appropriate methodology which will enable them to relate  projects  to their socio-historical and environmental contexts. They will also learn  to use specific software for architecture.

Fine Arts

Our students will master the basic elements of drawing, painting and engraving. They will be able to apply the most important painting techniques and relate them to different historical art movements. They will also implement the main principles of visual perception and composition.


In this department, the students will master basic graphics languages and codes. They will be aware of major developments in the history of graphics through the analysis of the technical evolution of advertisements, logos, posters and leaflets. They will implement visual and graphic techniques in operational processes thanks to both traditional methods and the use of specific software. Students will also recognise and implement appropriate procedures in order to match product with context  and realize effective visual communication on the printed page.


In this department, the students will deepen their knowledge of different media languages to be able to communicate through effective images and sounds. They will master basic operational techniques to project and shoot tutorials, short videos and to create posters and artistic photographs. They will also implement the principles of visual perception and image composition.

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